Looking Fantastic And More Area For The Plants With Bay Windows

Published: 22nd February 2011
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It was the perfect spot. Our California ranch fashion home had a large picture window in the entrance room. The window extended from a few inches above the floor to only a few inches beneath the cathedral ceiling. The partitions and ceiling had been redwood stained knotty pine and the floor was a matching hardwood. The window looked out more than a flower bed, shrubs and the expanse of entrance lawn. It was the perfect window to become changed with a bay window.

The window was almost square. It was 72 X 72 inches. We considered a bow window, but elected to put in a bay window rather. We just felt that our specific home looked better with three panel bay window rather than the multiple panel bow windows. Our intent was to fill the seat board of the bay with potted plants we had sitting in entrance of the present picture window. The brand new arrangement would give us a little more space in the room and enhance the overall look of the home. It was time to go buying.

Scratch vs. Pre-built

Once we initial got the concept of putting in the new window, I began gathering plans for building a bay window. Thumbing via publications and magazines, and the Web search engines like google, I found a number of plans for building a bay window from scratch. I also found that undertaking such a undertaking was going to become unnecessary. Most of the major window manufacturers, like Pella, Milgard and Anderson make both completely pre-assembled bay windows also as pre-built components for bay windows.

Nowadays extremely few contractors will get around the undertaking of building a bay or bow window from scratch. It simply isn't practical when for that exact same or less money they are able to set up a top quality pre-built window. In the event the contractors use pre-built windows or components for new home construction or renovation tasks, then we could do the exact same for our remodeling undertaking, we reasoned.

Installing a bay window can effortlessly be a do-it-yourselfer undertaking. Before you go the diy route, nevertheless, you might want to line up a contractor to help out if necessary. This is not going to become a job that you are able to total during a Saturday afternoon. Chances are you are not going to finish it inside a weekend, for that make any difference.

You're also going to want to line up some help. Bay windows and window components are major. A minimum of they're as well major for one individual to handle.

Be certain and check out the climate forecast, including the lengthy range forecast. Installing the window indicates opening a hole into your house. It may get a few days to get the new window in location and sealed. The last factor you would like is for rain to arrive pouring in in your floor, partitions or furniture.

Be certain and examine your metropolis or neighborhood construction codes. There might be unique nearby requirements, like having safety glass in low profile windows. You're most likely going to need a building permit anyway, to ensure that is also a great time to examine the codes.

Instruments and Supplies Required

The instruments you'll need for this undertaking consist of a tape measure, a framing square that you are able to also use as a straight edge, a circular saw or miter saw, crow bars, drill and bits, degree, stapler, utility knife, tin snips along with a caulking gun.

The supplies you'll need consist of the bay window unit, the support brackets, nails, roofing paper, shingles, roofing nails, exterior grade silicone caulking and fiberglass insulation. You'll also need 1X6 inch boards for that window skirting. If you're enlarging an current window, or if you are putting in the window inside a space that was previously the wall, you'll also need 2X4s for cripple studs and extra framing.

Fundamental Installation Steps

1.Set up window place in the wall. Remove the current window. Measuring the bay window, mark around the exterior of the home the opening required for that new window. Using your circular saw, cut the required opening.

2.Framing. Develop the framing for that new window. This will likely consist of cutting via current studs and putting in a brand new header, rough sill, jack studs and cripple studs.

3.Install the support braces. A window as much as five ft wide will get a minimum of two support braces. A wider window will need three.

4.Set the window in location. Lift the bay window around the support braces and slide it into the rough opening. Shim as necessary to degree the window. Anchor in location.

5.Develop the window roof. Set the roof body on top of the bay window unit and nail in location. Fill the space between the roof and the top of the bay window with insulation. Fasten the roof sheeting towards the body and cover with roofing paper. Install the drip edges and the flashing and then shingle.

6.Install the window skirting across the bottom of the window. Fill will insulation and then attach the skirt bottom to seal the underneath side of the window.

7.Seal the edges with silicone caulking.

This is a list of the basic set up steps and they've been abbreviated in the interests of simplicity and space. The window unit you purchase may have total set up steps. Take it from your voice of experience; it really tends to make the undertaking go a lot more easily and it will be completed in a lot less time whenever you study and adhere to them.

In our situation, I had two friends helping with the undertaking. We have worked together on other tasks and function together well. We had the outdated window out and the rough framing completed on Saturday afternoon. We buttoned up the hole with plywood overnight and went back to function the subsequent day. By Sunday evening we had the new window installed and the roof and skirting completed. On Monday afternoon I finished sealing up the outside and completed the trim function for that inside.

And, we had been correct. It was the perfect spot for a bay window. It looked fantastic from your outside. Within, it became the focal point of the room and added a unique charm towards the home. The window gave the home added character and worth.

When it arrived time to sell the home, it was one of the features that had been especially attractive towards the buyers.

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