Black And White Wedding Invitations – B&W Invitation Ideas That Are Easy On The Pocket

Published: 31st May 2011
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When you want an affordable wedding invitation and don’t want to scrape much money from your wallet, the idea of making Black and White wedding invitations is a perfect option for you. Black and white looks simple yet very classy and elegant, especially when embellished with ornate and black string works. The fancy look of this type of invitation provides receivers an awe of amazement for they have never known before that B & W invitations are also great for inviting people to come to your wedding day.

Now, you can also try the Gothic look or simply try the tribal design so that receivers will be amazed with the diversity of designs that can also be applied with such kinds of in vitiations.

And so happens that you want something minimal yet tasteful, you can try having a white invitation that comes with an embossed lettering in black color. This will look very simply yet classy because receivers will find the designs and writings not too busy.

In most cases, having the invitations to be embossed can cost you a little extra spending so it is very important to check on the prices of embossing services before you finalize your decision.

Another Black and White wedding invitation idea also includes the use of a black paper and white lettering that is also enhanced with floral designs and the versatile string of ornate works.

One of the best Black and White wedding invitation ideas I have found is the use of white hearts. These hearts are found along the sides or edges of the invitation and at the center of the invitation are the messages that are given to the people who are being invited at the wedding.

Now, if you wish to incorporate all your ideas in a black and white invitation, you can simply make use of a black paper, white lettering, and the incorporation of petals, doves, bells, and roses which are all drawn in white inks at the front or back part of the invitation. This idea will definitely look fancy but unique in a way that it is created by you and each of them is inspired by your personal touch.

With Black and White wedding invitation, ideas can be endless as long as you are someone who is creative and artistic, you can always create something that will make the receivers of the invitations "wow!"

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